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Apr 07, 2017

Luoyang Mingzhen Bearing Steel Ball Co., Ltd. warmly congratulate the 35th China Luoyang Peony Culture Festival opens from Aril 5th to May 5th, 2017. Luoyang is in the more beautiful time of the whole year. We wish all the tourist have great fun and can watch the most pretty peony.


Peony has many legends, the more famous one is about the one and only female emperor in China History, Empress Wu:

It is a snowy winter, Empress Wu made a tourist in the Houyuan of Chang’an. She was slightly tipsy and so desire beautiful flowers. As the one and only female emperor, Empress Wu was the most powerful human in the world. Thus, she placed a decree to order all the flowers open in the next day. We all know that flowers open in the different seasons and some even in different hours. However, most flowers opened in the next day for fearing the power of Empress Wu except peony. Peony is the national flower of Tang Dynasty. Although other flowers opened and looked so beautiful in winter, it was still meaningless without peony. Empress Wu was deeply angry. She let the solders burn all the peony, dig out peony’s root and throw them to Mount Mong of Luoyang. It is such a disaster to peony. However, new peonies became even more bright after be burned. And Luoyang became the Peony Capital after that.