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Tomb Sweeping Festival Is Coming

Apr 04, 2019

    Qing Ming Festival, also called Tomb-Sweeping Day. It's a combination of sadness and happiness. 

It is an occasion for the whole family to go on a tour, to offer sacrifices to their ancestors and sweep the tombs of the diseased. 

    After slightly sweeping the tombs, people offer food, flowers and favorites of the dead, then burn incense and paper money and bow before the memorial tablet. 

    In contrast to the sadness of the tomb sweeping, people also enjoy hope of Spring on this day. 

    The Qing Ming Festival is a time when the weather gets warmer, sometimes sun shines brightly and some times rains drizzly, the trees and grass become green and nature is again lively. Since ancient times, people have followed the custom of Spring outings. At this time tourists are everywhere.