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Study On Vibration Of Ball Bearing

Mar 22, 2016

According to ball bearing of structure features, from friction Dynamics views starting, using friction learn and structure dynamics of knowledge, in analysis steel ball-roll road contact Deputy of load-deformation characteristics and contact Dynamics characteristics of based Shang, established has lubrication contact conditions Xia while consider EHL volume sucking and extrusion movement of ball bearing vibration theory model and movement differential equation, analysis has geometry parameter, structure parameter and workers condition conditions on ball bearing vibration characteristics of effect, to steel ball and roll road of surface corrugated degrees for cases, Discusses the vibrations of ball bearing under different excitation method. Established a digital ball bearing vibration measurement system based on microcomputer, designed and produced a special test ball bearings, accelerometer and innovative fixed installation to achieve a true ball bearing vibration signal measurement and verification by testing the theory of ball bearing vibration model, including the study of Tribology, lubrication on the vibration characteristics of ball bearings. Ball bearing in vibration signal analysis, based on AR model based on time series analysis of the normal ball bearing vibration signal based on wavelet packet analysis of abnormal sound of ball bearings, ball bearing vibration analysis to establish a simple and reliable analysis techniques.