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Study On The Mechanical Characteristics Of High Speed Rolling Bearing Of Aero-Engine

Mar 22, 2016

With the development of science and technology, and Aero-Engine performance continues to increase. Rolling bearing of Aero-Engine rotor system widely used as a support, the mechanical characteristics on dynamic characteristics of rotor system has important implications, especially more pronounced at high speeds. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of a new generation of advanced aero-engine development, research on Aero-Engine high-speed ball bearing is necessary. This paper focuses on mechanical properties of high speed rolling bearing of Aero-Engine, carried out the following work: (1) dynamics and finite element method is used to, rolling bearing mechanical model is established, rolling bearings load distribution was studied, analyzed the different structure and load parameters on the contact angle, distortion, effects of contact stiffness and speed limit laws. Comparison of calculated and experimental results show that the results are consistent with the experimental results of two algorithms, finite element method has advantages in accuracy, and quasi-dynamic method has advantages in terms of efficiency. (2) based on elastohydrodynamic lubrication theory study on minimum oil film thickness of rolling bearings and oil film stiffness characteristics, analyze the effects of different load parameters on their. The oil film stiffness and stiffness are combined and composite stiffness of bearing is derived, concept and calculation of rolling bearing equivalent stiffness method is proposed. A case study of a miniature engine with ceramic rolling bearings are measured to its equivalent stiffness and damping. Studies show that in certain installations, lubrication and preload condition, when the frequency ratio λ 1 o'clock, bearing equivalent stiffness as the speed increases. (3) considering the effect of ball bearing radial clearance and other factors, the formula for calculating fatigue life of rolling bearings is modified. Studies show that could influence the fatigue life of ball bearing, without considering the high ball affect the calculation results. According to the revised formula, analyzes the structure and the effect of load parameters on fatigue life of rolling bearings, proposed method and measure of bearing fatigue life. Established rolling-sliding model research of ball and sliding speed variation of the angular velocity of rotation, presents methods and measures to prevent bearing skid.