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Reduce Energy Consumption Of Stainless Steel Ball Production.

May 31, 2016

Stainless steel ball manufacturing industrybegan in the last century. And it developed rapidly with the improving of the manufacturing technique. However, owing to the expansion of the scale and the factory quantity, stainless steel ball industry began to enter into low-profit period. Meanwhile, with the technical requirement rises, the cost started to increase as well. However, as a mini part of mechanical equipment, the price of steel balls is limited in a certain range. Thus, reduction of the cost is becoming the key to pursuit profit. In order to reduce cost, and then keep the price advantage and the long-time development, jerry and shoddy is becoming common and common in stainless steel ball manufacturers. But we know it is not a long-term strategy. And scientific energy saving is the key.


1. Scientific selection of raw materials

Material utilization is important when we select the raw material. Firstly, select the steel suppliers directly and reduce the intermediate links. So it becomes possible to reduce the material cost. Then, Select the cost-effective materials manufacturers to reduce additional waste of resources.

2. Manufacturing process

About the production molds, select the carbide dies and Molds after the Hardening treatment to improve ball abrasion and fatigue resistance. On ball cold heading process, select hard cut tools to reduce globular embryo tolerance and then save material, prolong the molds’ life, reduce the production cost.

3. Control of excipients

It needs abrasive and grinding fluid to help grinding during the deflashing, finishing and grinding. regular quantitative of those can save the excipients cost and overall reduce manufacture cost of steel ball.


In today's highly competitive market environment, it will be eliminated eventually to blindly lower prices, regardless of quality. The correct and best way is that commit ourselves to improving product quality, techniques and lower manufacture cost at the same time.