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An Analysis On The Need Of High-end Ball Bearing In China: Wind Power Generation Equipment Used Bearing

   Steel balls are the core parts of bearings and bearings are the core parts of wind turbines. The range of wind power bearing is quite widely used, from the bearing used in the blade vane, main axis and yaw to the high-speed bearing used in gear case and generator. Due to the harsh environment of wind power equipment and inconvenient maintenance, the requirement to the bearing parts is stricter. Bearing used in wind power ought to not only be provided with enough strength and load capability but also has service life that is not less than 20 years.

    At present, local wind power bearing has gradually stepped into scale production and systemized production. However, it is only limited in yaw bearing and pitch system bearing which have lower technical barriers in wind turbines but cannot produce main axis and speed increaser bearing which require higher production technology. Now, the bulk production capability of wind turbines under 3 MW in China have reached 45,000 sets and the domestic substitution rate has reached more than 80%. But the main axis and the speed increaser bearing still mainly rely on import.

    Many foreign countries apply new special heat treatment steel SHX(40GrSiMo) into yawing and pitch system bearing. Through surface induction quench heat treatment, it can well control hardened layer depth, surface hardness, soft band width and cracks in surface (especially the control of the root of gear). For speed increaser bearing and main axis bearing, using carbonitriding to get more stable remaining Austenite volume fraction(30%-35%)and a large amount of exiguous carbide and carbonitride on the surface of parts, which can greatly improve the service life of bearing in conditions of contaminated lubrication.

    The quality of material is the most important factor in wind power generation bearing. The gaps between wind power bearing in home and abroad are directed by, material first, then the wind power bearing design, technic level and technic equipment.

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