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What kind of stainless steel ball is the best material?

   Many customers often say, give us the best material of stainless steel ball, we usually ask him what no use, because stainless steel beads had better not the best, for their own is the best, here to explain why          

      Because the stainless steel ball material has two kinds, one kind is austenitic steel, this material is nonmagnetic, such as 201202302304304HC, 304L, 316316L, if only compared to this type of material, the more backward materials better, 316L is the best, because of the nickel and chromium content in different, of which 316 and 316L also contains molybdenum, austenitic steel material is better, it's corrosion and corrosion resistance and better oxidation resistance, stronger resistance to high temperature is also increasing, this kind of material is usually no magnetic.         

     Another is the martensitic steel grades, such as 420 (2CR13, 3CR13), 440 (9CR18), 440C (9CR18MO) characteristics of this kind of steel is of high hardness, high precision, can be the magnet, strong wear resistance, after quenched hardness is much higher than that of austenitic steel. Usually used for valves, bearings, precision machinery, such as higher precision and demanding products.          

     So we should be able to understand, direct comparison of 316L and 440C steel are not comparable, because the 316 ball rust and corrosion resistance, but the hardness and precision is not high, the steel ball of 440C on the contrary: the hardness and precision is very high, but the anti rust and anti-corrosion performance than 316L good.