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The way of transportation of large size steel ball and machine tools structure

Jul 27, 2016

    The equipment of large size steel ball includes two kinds of structures: Vertical and horizontal and each structure has their own spectrum. This way is widely used in horizontal structure: Lifting hopper, Transport barrels of balls, sloping or horizontal shelved Material tray; The mainly way of vertical is mainly the transportation of horizontal ring. In order to manufacture the high precision large size steel ball, it needs to set the processing precisely and make sure the large size ball can be produced precisely. However, some questions and difficulty harm the manufacture and produce of large balls. Which includes that the quality of ball is restricted by the speed and pressure, it is easy to become the dead ends in the entrance when the balls are manufactured, which will have a great effect on equal probability. The manufacture won not reach satisfying result if these thing are not solved.

    In addition, horizontal machine can make the best of the gap of opening with the proper lengths and angles of the slide, which can make sure the balls enter and out evenly. Especially the way of inclined type, it can further increase the height ball can be reserved and the length ball can slide. All the things can great improve the efficiency when manufacture. But, when the spindles are placed horizontally, the heavy weight of the steel ball mill is suspended in a section of steel ball, which will form a cantilever beam and cause the strength from the mill uneven. Thus the selectivity of the large size steel ball will be   greatly restricted.