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Thoughts on Improving the Quality of Steel Balls Blank

Jul 17, 2017

Steel Balls Blank.jpg

In the rolling bearing, the steel ball is a very important part. It plays an important role, known as one of the four pieces of the rolling. Stamping steel balls blank process is the first steel balls processing process. And the quality of stamping directly affect the next processing process and the finished product quality.

During the production, the situation of equipment, molds and materials may change at any time. Often as the negligence of a few minutes, it may cause a pile of waste, and may even leading to scrapping of a number of products. From the loss of steel balls waste statistics, the waste caused by the stamping process accounted for about 60% of  steel balls waste total number. Therefore, it’s very important parts for improving the quality of stamping parts and reducing the loss of waste to improve the technical level of the operator, analyzing the reasons for the quality of the product at any time in the production and troubleshooting timely.