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The Vibrational of Steel Balls and Bearings

Jul 12, 2017

The Vibrational of Steel Balls and Bearings.jpg

In general, there are many factors that can affect the vibration of rolling bearings. Besides the influence of factors such as design, working condition and installation, it’s mainly associated with the machining accuracy of bearing parts, included the roughness, waviness and deviation from spherical form. The effect on bearing vibration of the waviness is more significant, while the effect on bearing vibration of the roughness and the deviation from spherical form is relatively smaller. For bearing parts, the manufacturing error of steel balls has the biggest influence on bearing vibration.

The vibration of steel balls and the surface quality have a large relationship. After steel balls surface strengthening, its surface hardness increase, improving the processed surface quality and reducing the degree of bruising and scratches. It is beneficial to reduce the vibration value of steel balls. In this way, after steel balls are assembled into bearings, the vibration and noise of bearings are reduced.