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The Using of the Turntable Bearing

Jun 22, 2017

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1. The lubrication of the turntable bearing

The turntable bearing mostly works in the low-speed working conditions. In general, it can achieve a very satisfactory result when using the lubrication type with the filling grease to lubricate. Common greases include calcium-based grease, lithium-based grease, aluminum-based grease, high-temperature grease and so on. Users can choose the most appropriate grease according to specific circumstances.

2. The sealing of the turntable bearing

On the one hand, seal the turntable bearing is to prevent the filling grease from leaking;  on the other hand, is to prevent the outside dust, impurities and moisture from intruding into the bearing to affect its normal work. The turntable bearings are mostly in the heavy and low-speed working conditions, so the sealing types adopts the rubber sealing and labyrinth sealing. The rubber sealing structure itself has a simple structure, small footprint, reliable sealing and other advantages, being widely used. But the shortcomings of the rubber sealing is to lose sealability as the rubber seal lip early aging in the high-temperature state. So the turntable bearing should adopt labyrinth sealing in the high-temperature working conditions.