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The trend of specialization of universal bearing is becoming more and more obvious

With the continuous development of national economy and the development of industrial products, the demand for bearings is getting higher and higher, and the technical requirements are higher and higher. Bearing variety, but the focus of development should be a large quantity and high technology products, especially the current can not be self-sufficient, need large sophisticatedcomplex, bearing a lot of imported bearings and can represent the direction of development, especially in the automotive industry, machine tool industry, railway industry, petrochemical machinery, textile machinery and the metallurgical industry to replace imported bearings.  


Bearing type, quantity, level, production concentration has a significant impact on the development of bearing industry. Therefore, the bearing industry has been the focus of the development of the field. Low vibration, sound, high precision special bearings, combined bearings, petrochemical machinery bearings, automotive, railway and other transportation industry bearings, construction machinery bearings. NC equipment should speed up the pace of development in these areas for bearing, in order to continuously improve our bearing manufacturing level and development speed, so as to improve the technical level and bearing accuracy, shorten the bearing production cycle, reduce costs, expand the export of bearings and CNC equipment will play a very important role.


 In bearing manufacturing process, bearing retainer plate stamping die and plastic cage extrusion dies, various rolling bodies of stamping die, stamping outer ring needle roller bearings with high precision mould, cold rolling bearing mould and forging die and mould bearing assembly manufacturing, NC devices will need to be efficient, high precision. Because domestic CNC equipment can not meet the function and accuracy of the bearing industry part of high precision NC equipment are imported, a part of homemade equipment or equipment to solve the transformation of domestic equipment, there is a great demand, but the current occupancy rate is low.    


 Professional production bearing product determines the products according to the characteristics of the development of CNC production line. High precision, low noise, large volume, low cost is the key to the production of motor bearings. At present, the domestic production of deep groove ball bearing has 300 about the automatic grinding production line, CNC technology can greatly improve the manufacturing level of low noise motor; automatic grinding production line automatic production line currently consists of micro and miniature bearing to the automatic production line of large bearing manufacturing growth in the. Thus the requirements of CNC technology is becoming more and more diverse, more and more difficult. In the automatic production line active measurement technology, out of plane testing technology, automatic error compensation technology, automatic monitoring of manufacturing quality, numerical control timely transmission, quality analysis technology and other process control methods.      


Bearing assembly (automatic detection, automatic packaging containing products bearing the automatic line) has been plagued by the problem of technological progress. In the famous bearing companies abroad, this technology has been successfully applied for many years. While the domestic introduction of foreign, and the effect is still not satisfactory. So the research of automatic production line bearing assembly, and bearing grinding and automatic production line of organic connection, bearing for improving production efficiency and product quality, reduce the number of bearing parts in the process flow, reduce the impact of human intervention, reduce the cost, the significance is significant. Because of the variety of bearings, different varieties, automatic assembly line has its own characteristics, so the bearing industry of the bearing assembly of the numerical control equipment requirements.