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The Problems in the Development of Wind Power Bearing Industry in China

Jun 09, 2017

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At present, Chinese wind power bearing industry has achieved rapid development. But there is still a big gap away from the world wind power bearing power country, mainly in the lower manufacturing level and lower high-end supporting R & D capabilities and so on.

1. R & D and innovation ability are low.

The design and manufacturing technology of Chinese wind power bearing are basically based on experience class, but the study of force analysis and load spectrum is almost blank.

2. The level of manufacturing technology is low.

In the view of the level of manufacturing technology, the precision, performance, life and reliability of Chinese wind turbine bearing products have not met the supporting requirements.

3. The product structure is unreasonable.

Most supporting bearings of Chinese wind power market are imported, expensive and have long lead time.

4. Brand building progress is slow.

On the development path of doing products - doing sales - doing marketing - doing the brand, the majority of wind power bearing enterprises are still in the stage of sales, and advantages enterprises have just entered the marketing stage.