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The Manufacturing Process of Plastic Balls

Mar 08, 2017


The use of plastic balls becomes more and more in our real life, so we have a generally understanding on the manufacturing process of plastic balls. As follows:

1. Molding the embryo: mold the embryo with injection molding or blow molding.

2. Coarse grinding: put balls into the disc, adding oil and coarse abrasive. Turn on the top disc and keep the following disc stable.

3. Washing: wash off the oil and coarse abrasive residue sticking to the surface of plastic balls after every time coarse grinding.

4. Fine grinding: throw the completed rough grinding blank into the atomizer mill. Add in fine abrasive and grind to the standard size.

5. Polishing: this process is similar to coarse grinding and fine grinding. Generally use a combination of grinder and polishing solution.