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The machining process of steel balls

     With the continuous innovation of the technical thoughts and ideas, the development of new equipment for steel ball, and the continuous improvement of tools and grinding fluid, the new technology and new machining process have been well applied in the machining process of the steel balls. The machining process is formed and verified according to the raw material, the precision of steel ball and the machining condition. But the basic machining order is similar and thus formed two kind of main machining process. The first is water cycle machining process, the second is grinding wheel machining process.

    The water cycle machining process include: 1.Raw material purchase 2.Cold heading 3.Grinding 4.Polishing 5.Heat treatment 6.Hard grinding 7.First lapping 8.Second lapping 9.Superfinishing 10.Cleaning 11.Visual inspection 12.Antirust packing 13. Warehousing