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The influence of the inclusions and carbide on the bearing steel

    Taking high carbon bearing steel GCr15 as an example. Chrome steel has the high requirements in quality of smelting. It not only needs to control the the content of sulfur, phosphorus, hydrogen strictly, but also requires to control the quantity, size and distribution of the non-metallic inclusion    and carbide, which affect the life of the bearing steel. Usually, due to the emergence and development of the microcracks near the big inclusions and carbide. A research indicates that the content of the inclusion determines the contact fatigue life of bearing steel, which will be reduced with the increase of the inclusions’ length of the inclusions per unit volume. Generally, we believed that the content of the inclusions is closely related to the oxygen content in bearing steel. The higher the oxygen content, the more the number of inclusions, the shorter the bearing steel life. With the increasing of the levels of the steelmaking’ cleanliness, mass fraction of oxygen of the vacuum degassing bearing steel in abroad can be stably controlled to 4 x 10-6. The quantity, size and distribution of the inclusions will be improved very well.(the biggest size can be less than 11μm,The maximum level of the inclusion is zero.
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