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The Application for Si3N4 Ceramic Ball Bearings

Mar 22, 2017


The ceramic bearing is increasingly widely used in applications, but the successful application is ceramic ball bearing in the industrial field. The more used application is the Si3N4 ceramic ball bearing. Its advantages are high-limit speed, good precision maintenance, small start torque, high rigidity, good dry running, long life and very suitable for high-speed, high-temperature, corrosion, radiation conditions to maintain high precision and long running. It’s mainly used for CNC machine tools and high-speed precision machinery, such as high-speed spindle bearings, machine tool spindle bearings, instrumentation bearings and so on. In addition, the hardness of Si3N4 ceramic is 1 time higher than the bearing steel. Under the same load conditions, the elastic deformation of  Si3N4 ceramic is small. So the machine tool spindle using ceramic ball bearing has good operating accuracy.