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The analysis of difficulty and improvement measures during the machining of large size steel ball(I) ----The processing equipment and procedure of large size steel ball

Jul 22, 2016

    With the development of the manufacture skill of large size steel ball, the basic procedure includes that: Inspection of raw material—Hot forging—Grinding—Polishing—Heat treatment—Hard grinding—Surface hardening— Fine-ground—Lapping — Visual Inspection —superfinishing—Optical appearance—Rust cleaning—Inspection of finished ball — Packing. Each procedure need Drying, Rust cleaning, Quality testing, selection of the failure balls.
    Now days, the equipment of steel ball in our country are all able to satisfy the requirement of the localization. Synthesis of equipment of grinding, polishing and in the manufacture of precision we all reached the international level. The size we can manufacture include 0.5mm- 200mm, ball loading reaches 200-1000kg, end jump and radical runout of spindle reaches 0.008mm, by using AC frequency conversion, linear rolling guide, automatic compression pressure maintaining system and other advanced technology, we can make sure the stability and operability. Compared with large size steel balls manufactured by AKS in Japan, our large size balls are at the nearly same level in vibrate, precision and stability. Besides, the large size steel balls manufactured in our country can support many famous bearing factories in world. Such as INA (International Normal Atmosphere), NTN (National Terminal Number), SKF (Svenska Kullager Fabriken), TIMKEN (Svenska Kullager Fabriken) and KOYO etc