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Terms and Definitions of Steel Balls ( Ⅱ )

Jun 28, 2017

Steel balls.JPG

5.1. Deviation from spherical form: the radial distance between the minimum external sphere and the maximum inner tangent concentric with the least squares ball.

5.2. Waviness: the surface irregularity which deviates from an ideal spherical surface randomly or cyclically.

Note: 1. Generally, the waviness is evaluated with the speed amplitude.

2. In fact, the waviness can be separated from the ideal surface by the analyzer (filter).

5.3. Surface roughness: the surface irregularity with a relatively smaller space, which normally includes the irregularity affected by the processing method and other factors.

Note: these irregularities are considered within a range of general definitions, such as the range of sampling length.

5.4. Surface defects: actual surface of a irregular body or group of irregular bodies caused unintentional or accidental during processing, storage, transshipment or using.