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Surface Strengthening Treatment of Steel balls

Jul 07, 2017

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In the process of improving the contact fatigue strength and surface quality of the steel ball, the application of the surface modification technology is the surface strengthening treatment of steel balls.

The method is to load steel balls into a special drum machine after the heat treatment of steel balls. Due to the drum’s rotation, the lifting drum of the barrel put steel balls raising to the top height and steel balls fall. Falling steel balls and steel balls in the drum collide with each other. Every collision of steel balls is only a small circle area. With the drum rotating time extension and the number of steel balls collide increasing, the entire ball collision surface is growing larger and larger. The surface of steel balls enhance through this repeated collision with each other. This surface strengthening process of steel balls is equivalent to a low-speed shot peening process. Through this kind of processing means, the surface of steel balls produces elastic-plastic deformation in the process of collision with each other. It results in great changes in the structure and stress state of steel ball’s surface, achieve improving the strength of the steel balls’ surface.

The method is to improve the life of steel ball, an economical and effective technology means. Its advantages are as below:

1. Easy. As long as there is a roller strengthen equipment, it does not need other complex auxiliary equipment.

2. High production efficiency. As long as choosing good strengthen process parameters, it can achieve mechanized production.

3. High economic benefits. After strengthening steel balls’ surface, it can greatly improve the service life of steel balls, improve the grinding efficiency of steel balls’ surface, and can reduce surface bumps and scratches of steel balls in the transport process.