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Principle of Chrome Steel Selection

Jun 12, 2017

Chrome Steel Ball Bearings.jpg

In the design and manufacture of bearings, the bearing material is generally selected according to the following principles.

1. According to the bearing working conditions

a. The operating temperature

Bearings working at room temperature use the chrome steel. At 150 ℃ ~ 250 ℃, it also use chrome steel, but it’s subject to special heat treatment.

b. The size of bearing the impact load

Bearings bearing a strong impact load generally do not use chrome steel. It’s mostly use high quality carburized structural steel, impact resistant tool steel or conditioning steel.

c. Contact medium

Bearings used in corrosive media must be made of corrosion resistant steel or alloy steel with good corrosion resistance.

2. According to the type of bearings structure

3. According to bearing fatigue life and reliability requirements

To a certain extent, the bearing fatigue life and reliability depend on the purity of steel and tissue uniformity.

In addition, when choosing the steel material the steel processing performance, supply and domestic resources should also be considered.