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Measures to Solve Common Defects of Steel Balls Blank(Ⅰ)

Jul 24, 2017

Steel Balls Blank.jpg

1. Measures to undershooting: undershooting produced by the large deformation of the material relies on adjusting the gap between the main cutting knife and cutting tube to overcome; undershooting of blank caused by incorrect clamping, adjusting the feeding position so that the blank material is centered on the die center; when adjusting the thickness of the ring, the center slider oblique iron fixing screw must be tightened to prevent the oblique iron sink, avoiding undershooting; adjust the pressure of the feeding wheels, making the material feeding evenly.

2. Measures to the slanting edge: adjust the position of the arbor to make the feeding position appropriate; adjust the punch or die to coincide the center line and reduce the amount of displacement; as for the slanting edge caused by small bar diameter or big die cavity size, it should increase the bar size and replace the mold.

3. Measures to upsetting: adjust the feeding knife position, sending the material to the center of the ball socket; increase the size of the bar or replace the ball socket appropriately and so on; replace the punch spring to make it work normally and adjust the press hook to make the feed section stable.

4. Measures to burrs: the fundamental way to eliminate burrs is to adjust the gap of the material to ensure a good section quality of the feed section.