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Analysis on the application situation and development prospect of large wind turbine bearing steel ball

Mar 25, 2019

    After nearly 200 years of accelerated mining, conventional fossil fuel resources such as coal, oil and natural gas have gradually decreased. According to relevant data, the years of exploitation of coal, oil and natural gas in China are 114 years, 20.1 years, and 49.3 years, respectively. They are 70%, 11%, and 4% of the world's per capita, respectively, so China is more urgent than most countries to 

    Large wind turbine bearing steel ball has porcelain passability, high strength, high hardness, good thermal stability, water absorption rate <0.5%, sunlight absorption ratio 0.93, sunlight absorption ratio does not decay with use time, and can have the same service life as buildings.

    Through the above analysis, it can be known that the current domestic and international utilization industry background is good, China's development of large wind turbine bearing steel ball industry policy and market demand prospects are considerable, and the market potential is large. Investing in the industry faces strong market feasibility and economic benefits. Therefore, the construction of the project can not only promote the rapid development of China's emerging large wind turbine bearing steel ball industry, but also effectively meet the current market demand and promote China's low carbon environmental protection industry. And the rapid development of related industrial chains has good social and economic benefits, and has long-term significance for promoting sustainable economic and social development.

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