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Installation Features of the Turntable Bearing

Jun 23, 2017

Installation Features of the Turntable Bearing.jpg

Before installing the turntable bearing, there must be an examination on the mounting surface of the host firstly. It requires the support should have sufficient strength, the connection surface should be machined to make the surface smooth without debris and burrs. For the connection surface which can not achieve the required flatness by machining, it should inject the high-strength and special plastic as the filler to ensure the accuracy of the installation plane and to reduce the vibration.

The ferrule of the turntable bearing has the quenched soft zone, which is marked "S" on the end of the ferrule. When installing put the soft band in a non-load zone(the plug hole is always at the soft band).

When mounting the turntable bearing, carry on radial positioning firstly, cross tightening the mounting bolts, and check the rotation of the bearing. Tightening the bolts should have sufficient preload, the preload should be 30% of the bolt material yield limit. Mounting bolts should be equipped with adjustable flat washers and prohibit using spring washers.