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High speed train bearing will usher in new opportunities for development

Jan 04, 2017


       China's bearing forging industry planning for the development of the industry. According to the relevant planning,  high-speed rail will usher in the peak of construction, in 2011 the national railway plans to invest 700 billion yuan in infrastructure, the entire high-speed rail Equipment Manufacturing Company provides a very large market opportunities. Shandong Liaocheng expert Wang Wei Steel Ball Co., the company said: after 12th Five-Year, the important component of high-speed rail equipment in high-speed train bearing will usher in new opportunities for the development of hardware, Chinese bearing forging industry is shouldering the important mission of domestic high-end equipment in china.           

      According to "a long time in the railway network planning revision in 2008", by 2012 China will build 42 high-speed railway, the total mileage will exceed 13 thousand km, the EMU will be converted to the new demand of 800 columns, to 2020 China high-speed railway mileage will reach 18 thousand kilometers, the vast supply of the market space for China's high-speed rail bearing. The next three years, China's high-speed rail bearing market will exceed $2 billion.           

        Current our country should develop to project and export two carriages driven by Chinese mold industry policy. Driven by the development of rail transportation, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, automobile lightweight, rail transportation and other fields, the bearing forging industry in China has been significantly enhanced. Bearing forging industry in the traditional market steady progress along with the active expansion of emerging markets, and even in the past was neglected edge market has also been developed.