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Factors that Affecting the Development of Bearing Steel Ball Industry in China

Jul 03, 2017

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At present, the grinding process technology of steel balls is undergoing major changes. Foreign countries use the resin grinding instead of the traditional grinding. In the premise of ensuring the steel balls’ life is not affected, it has greatly improved the production efficiency. China's part of the steel ball production enterprises are also carrying out this process research and testing, but not yet mature, and there is a big gap compared with foreign countries.

In terms of the materials metallurgical quality, steel balls processing technology and surface strengthening process, there is a certain gap compared with Japan, Sweden and the United States and other advanced countries, resulting in the same gap of the steel ball life and reliability. Therefore, it will be crucial to improve the processing quality of, life and reliability of domestic steel balls. Then we can further improve the life of domestic bearings, catch up with the world's advanced level. And steel balls surface strengthening process also plays a very important role.