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China's total exports of 1 billion 870 million sets of bearings from January to November in 2016

Feb 03, 2017

With the continuous integration of domestic and foreign markets, China's bearing industry has gradually integrated into the international bearing trade family, to participate in a wider range of international bearing market competition. According to the prospective database data show that in 2016 1-11 months in China bearing export a total of 1 billion 870 million sets, an

increase of 4.3%, exports remained stable, but because of the bearing in various categories, the host market differences, the company's production operations there is a big imbalance.

In 2017, China's bearing industry will remain basically stable, better development of the industry is still the automobile, wind power, agricultural machinery, machine tools, metallurgy mine after a period of adjustment, there will be a part of the enterprise to improve the situation, the construction machinery industry may have improved, but the overall oversupply situation will not have too. The big change, exports will continue steady growth.