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Effect of steel ball on the quality of ball bearing


    Bearings are the fundamental parts of machine, which are known as the “joint” and widely used in various types of machines, instruments, household appliances, computers, vehicles, aerospace and other products. Its quality directly affects the overall performance of the machine and the level of technology. Until now,Chinais the fourth largest bearing producer after Japan, the United States, and Germany.

    With the development of the industry, the requirement of customer has stepped into a high level. They need bearings which has the quality of high precision, low noise and long-life needs. There are four parts in bearing: steel balls, inner and outer rings and cages. Among them, steel ball is the weakest link. The surface waviness of steel ball directly affects the life of bearing. The steel ball has an impact on the vibration and noise of bearing more than 60%, and the failure of more than 80% bearings comes from steel ball.

    The quality of steel ball directly has an impact on the performance of bearing. Its technical indicators mainly include deviation from spherical ball surface, surface roughness, surface defect and so on. The machining quality of steel ball surface affects most on the decrease of vibration and noise, thus, it is one of the most important techniques to go further research on the machining process of steel ball to reduce the vibration and noise of bearings and increase the life of bearing.

    As a key part in the components of bearing, the steel ball is used as bearing and delivering load. Improving each technical indicators of steel ball can help to decrease the vibration and noise of bearing. Also, in daily life, mute bearing can lower the noise of household appliance to prevent us from noise and improve the quality of our life.