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Difference between 316L Stainless Steel Ball and 316 Stainless Steel Ball

Apr 07, 2017

The only difference between 316L stainless steel ball and 316 stainless steel ball is different carbon content. 316L steel ball belongs to ultra-low carbon: C ≤ 0.03%; and 316 steel ball carbon has the content: C ≤ 0.08%. 316L is the steel to continue to reduce the carbon content based on 316. Due to low carbon content, 316L is more resistant to corrode. Removing the carbon from the stainless steel needs to waste a huge amount of energy. Don’t care for the carbon content from 0.08% of 316 to 0.03% of 316L, but the price of 316L is much higher. Other expensive reasons for 316L stainless steel are the higher requirements during the processing, the higher cost, better toughness than 316, easier to weld, the more white products and better rust and corrosion resistance. Judged on the chemical composition, mechanical properties of 316L are better and 316L has the better corrosion resistance and anti-rust performance in the same conditions. 316 is harder than 316L, but its welding performance and processing performance are worse.