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Development Status of Steel Balls Surface Strengthening Technology At Home and Abroad

Jul 10, 2017

Steel Balls Strengthen Machime.jpg

From the late 80s to the early 90s, combined with the domestic steel balls manufacturing situation, Chinese steel balls manufacturing industry began to conduct research and experiment for steel balls surface strengthen treatment, achieving certain results. The experimental results show that the effect of steel balls surface strengthening after heat treatment on the surface hardness and contact fatigue life of steel balls is obvious. The surface quality of the finish and the anti-abrasion ability in the cleaning process are obviously improved. So the vibration value of the sleeve bearing this comprehensive performance has significantly reduced, and the wear resistance of steel balls significantly improved. In bearing industry, some major steel balls production plants, it played a greater role using of steel balls surface reinforcement process on the surface of steel balls to improve the performance of the domestic steel balls.

With the further development of foreign surface strengthening technology, according to our foreign steel balls analysis and relevant information, the steel balls strengthen processing technology of some foreign companies and the domestic has been different. The domestic strengthen process of steel balls is also lack of further system development and in-depth research, the technology is still in the imitation stage and the processing technology is to be optimized and improved.