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Development of Wind Power Bearing Industry in China

Jun 02, 2017

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After years of development, China's wind power bearing industry has gradually formed scale and serialization production, the industrial scale has been expanding, the key technology breakthroughs, the leading enterprises continue to emerge. Mainly in the following aspects:

1. Industry scale is expanding.

In China, the high-end products demand is mainly concentrated in the automotive, wind power, railways, metallurgy, machine tools and other fields in the bearing industry.

2. Significant progress has been made in the autonomous innovation system and capacity-building.

After years of development, China's wind power bearing manufacturers are enhancing the technological innovation capability. The production of various types of wind power bearings not only meets the domestic demand, but also becomes a number of foreign wind power equipment manufacturers procurement channels.

3. Production equipment and parts of professional production make progress.

Wind power bearing manufacturing equipment supporting capacity improves significantly. The roller and cage manufacturing enterprises that manufacturing technology and physical quality reach the international advanced level have begun to take shape.