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Detailed production process of small steel balls

Feb 15, 2017

In order to make everyone have a deeper understanding of small steel balls, and this article is about its detailed production process. As follows:

1. Straight wire: straight the wire to the required wire diameter with a drawing machine

2. Cold heading: pull the wire into the ball cold heading machine, upsetting into a ball embryo by the machine's steel mold ;

3. Deflashing: the two cast iron ball discs within deflashing machine will give cold heading ball embryo pressure to grind, removing the outer surface of the ball embryo and the two poles;

4. Polishing: the two cast iron ball discs within polishing machine   will grind light ball embryo into the required diameter and surface roughness;

5. Heat treatment: load the ball into the heat treatment furnace to carburize and then quench and temper the ball to get a certain carburizing layer and hardness, toughness and crushing load;

6. Hard grinding: grinding wheel within the grinding machine will grind the ball embryo, in order to remove the black oxide layer on the surface of the ball and correct the accuracy of the ball;

7. Lap: grind the grinding ball in the lapping machine to achieve the required precision and finish;

8. Appearance selection: artificially visually inspect the ball surface with or without any flaws and measure the true roundness , batch diameter changes with a micrometer and detect surface roughness  with a surface roughness meter as the final inspection;

9. Packing: coat the steel ball with anti-rust oil and load into the carton or woven bag, finally pack.