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Current status of Carbide quality control of bearing steel in china and abroad

Jul 11, 2016

    Compared with GCr15 hypereutectoid bearing steel, the control of carbide mainly refers to zonal ferrite for middle carbon bearing steel and infiltration bearing steel. Technology control is easier relative to the problem of no mesh carbide hypereutectoid bearing steel, middle carbon bearing steel and infiltration bearing steel. Maybe this can be regard as the another factor that middle carbon bearing steel and infiltration bearing steel reaches 30%-50% in abroad. In order to improve the homogeneity and reduce the size of carbide. On the one hand, we can adopt the technology of low temperature controlled rolling and cooling control to reduce and suppress the reticular carbide, prepare for the later spheroidizing annealing. On the other hand, for the hypereutectoid bearing steel we can improve the isothermal annealing to reach the refinement and homogenization of the carbide.  Cycle induction spheroidizing annealing technology has been used in spheroidizing annealing of hot rolled GCr15SIMn bearing steel. And this application realized the carbide refining in a few minutes, which shorten the time of the pheroidizing annealing and improve the refinement and homogenization of the carbide. Thus for the bearing steel, there is a huge development space for the isothermal annealing of the carbide and we need further research in future.

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