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Current status and development trend of bearing steel in china and abroad : Carbide quality control status

Jun 29, 2016

The future direction of bearing steel development in China:
    1. Economic cleanliness. Considering economy and then further improving the steel cleanliness, reducing oxygen and titanium content of steel. It requires that oxygen and titanium content are less than 6x10-6和15x10-6 and reduce sundries content and size of steel, Improved uniformity.
    2. Refinement and homogenization of structure. Improve the uniformity of debris and carbide by alloying design and TMCP process, reduce and eliminate eliquation, mesh and banded carbide, and reducing the average size and the maximum particle size. It requires that the carbide average size is less than 1μm and improve the grain size of the crystal structure, and also refine the grain size.
    3. Reduce the defect of low magnification. Reducing center porosity of the bearing steel, center cratering and center component segregation, improve the uniformity of low magnification.
    4. High toughness of bearing steel. By research to new alloy, hot rolling process optimization and heat treatment process to improve the reliability of bearing steel.