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How to Control the Steel Ball Burn in Manufacture

Jul 28, 2016

Steel ball grinding burn is a kind of more serious surface defect, and the burn in finished product will decrease the life of steel ball. At present, with customers’ higher and higher requirements for bearing’s reliability and life, it becomes an important issue to increase the life and reliability of steel balls in this field. Among them, it has been one of the important measures of many steel ball factories to control the steel ball burn to increase the life of steel ball. However, there are many procedures in production which can cause steel ball burn and the effect of human factor is much bigger, besides, it is hard to recognize the appearance of finished products. According to its appearance, it can be divided into point burn, linear burn and flake burn. According to its tempering burn and quench burn. Here we will introduce how to control burn.

1.     An experienced operator is the premise of controlling burn. It requires that the operator must be responsible and manipulate strictly, as well as be able to analyze the cause of burn.

2.     High-precision and high-performance is the base of controlling burn.

3.     The orderly and fluent in-and-out of the high grinding ball is a key step to control burn.

4.     Make matching equipment of in-and-out-of-the-ball and installed in place

5.     Choose grinding wheel and cast iron plate with high quality and proper hardness.

6.     Provide a good precision reserve environment for processing ball

7.     Choose the best groove depth of grinding plate

8.     Choose proper principle axis speed

9.     Choose proper pressure

10.  Control hard grinding fluid