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Comparison of Wind Power Bearing Industry Development in China and Abroad

Jun 05, 2017

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At present, compared Chinese with international wind power bearing industry, there are still some gaps in the enterprise scale, technical level, product quality and so on. Mainly in the following aspects:

1. Enterprise scale

Compared with the international giants, the overall size of Chinese wind power bearing enterprises is smaller, and the power is dispersed.

2. Technical level

At present, the domestic wind power bearing enterprise production capacity is mainly concentrated in the yaw bearing and pitch bearing with the lower technical level, and it has basically achieved localization. But in the spindle, speed bearing, generator bearings and other fields with the higher technical content, there is a large gap in the technical level compared with foreign countries.

3. Key material aspects

The quality of the material is the most important factor to determine the wind power bearing. In the gap of wind power bearing between China and foreign, the material is the main factor, and the followed is the wind power bearing design, process level and process equipment. At present, the experience and knowledge about wind power bearing parts selection are rarely reported internationally. And in China's bearing industry wind power bearing design, there is no mature selection methods and experience. There is a large blindness in the selection of material, often causing the huge loss as the improper selection.