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Classification of steel balls

Jan 09, 2017

From the application of the major categories, the ball can be divided into the application of grinding industry wear resistant steel ball and the application of precision bearing steel ball industry in two categories. Wear resistant steel ball (the ball) is used in industrial practice the most widely used products, there is a saying: "there will be a crushing industry" said it very well; in precision bearing steel ball bearing industry and life field has a long history, should be called ball in narrow sense (commonly known as steel beads). The ball is ball, steel and shaped grinding body pan. From the shape of points, can be divided into positive round ball (now a narrow sense of the title), capsule ball, oval ball, yin and Yang ball, hollow ball, multi face ball, the ball is missing (the surface of the body has a pit), etc.. There are four types of steel ball production: forging, rolling, semi-solid forming and casting. Due to the special conditions of use and the comprehensive environment and background of the history and the mineral processing industry, forging and rolling balls occupy a large proportion in these industries. Semi-solid forming is unconventional casting, die casting can explain the characteristics of non simple and clear, with a cast like, like forging, casting and forging forming excellent performances both the advantages of advanced technology and attracted the attention of people. And then casting steel ball with its simple, flexible and reliable production, easy to realize large-scale production of low investment expansion advantages, especially when the experts and engineers in the steelmaking furnace using a variety of advanced technology and the design of alloy composition, play endless imagination, to create a more innovative, more advanced varieties, to to meet the needs of competition to bring a sense of accomplishment, so more people can understand. The high cost of behoove cast ball and sustainable development potential, to become the main force in grinding industry especially cement crushing no industrial ball in the mode of production.