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Brief Introduction of Carbon Steel Balls

Feb 23, 2017


The carbon steel ball is named by its material composition. The carbon content of carbon steel balls is less than 1.35% . The carbon steel ball is the first type of steel balls. Compared with other steel balls, carbon steel balls have features of low cost, wide range and large dosage. According to the quantity of carbon content, carbon steel ball is divided into low carbon steel ball (0.04% ~ 0.25%), medium carbon steel ball (0.25 ~ 0.6%) and high carbon steel ball (0.6% ~ 1.35%) . The carbon content also changes the performance of the carbon steel ball. With the increasing of carbon content, the strength and hardness of steel will be improved, but their toughness and weldability will be reduced. From above classification of carbon steel ball, we can find that carbon steel ball is very widely used in the industrial field and plays a very critical role in mechanical bearing parts.