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Brief Introduction of 201 Stainless Steel Ball

Apr 11, 2017


201 stainless steel belongs to austenitic steel and is non-magnetic. It also has low price and excellent performance. It can be processed, welded and drlled. 201 stainless steel has certainly acid, alkali resistance, high density, polishing without bubbles, no pinholes and other characteristics. It is mainly used to produce decorative tube, industrial pipe and some shallow stretching products. 201 stainless steel ball is widely used in a variety of metal industries, handicrafts, plastic products, such as lamps, switches, motorcycle accessories, luggage, bearings, die castings. But 201 stainless steel ball can not be used in industries of higher rust, corrosion requirements, such as: sea water or acidic substances. Therefore, when choosing 201 stainless steel ball, please take full account of the products’ working environment.