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Applications of the Turntable Bearing

Jun 26, 2017

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The turntable bearing are widely used, the engineering machinery is the first application of the turntable bearing and is also the most widely used place, such as earthmoving machinery, excavators, disintegration machines, stackers, graders, rollers, tamping machines, rock drilling machines.

In addition to a variety of the engineering machinery, the application scope of turntable bearings has been gradually expanded. A wide range of turntable bearings has begun to replace original bearings, such as port equipment, metallurgical equipment, drilling platforms and other equipment platform. This type of bearings is used in a variety of occasions, the most important application includes the transportation industry, agricultural trailers, irrigation systems and airport luggage racks. Rotating solar panel is also a good way to increase energy.

The role of the turntable bearing is to connect the upper and lower parts of the machine together and to support the weight of the upper part and the load generated during machine operation, rotating the upper part of the machine relative to the lower part (or the lower part relative to the upper part).