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Analysis on how to influence the development of ball bearing industry

Jan 17, 2017

After joining the WTO, China's mechanical and electrical industry and equipment manufacturing industry has been an unprecedented development, but also in the international and domestic market is facing increasingly fierce competition. Bearings, as the core part of the mechanical and electrical industry and equipment manufacturing industry, affect their quality, performance and reliability. How to make the quality level of China's bearing promotion, increase bearing products in the international market share and competitiveness, is currently China's bearing industry urgent problem.          

The ball bearing is the most core part, is the key component of the equipment manufacturing industry in China in The development level of ball quality affects the development of bearing industry. The ball is the most important part of the bearing, the bearing industry is also commonly used rolling elements, plays a great role in national economic development! So the steel ball quality level affects China's Electromechanical industry and equipment manufacturing industry can also in China, key factors and even the international market steady development and develop new potential markets.