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Advantages of Ceramic Ball Bearings

Mar 16, 2017


This article I will introduce ceramic ball bearings’ advantages. As below:

1. High temperature resistance: the thermal expansion coefficient of ceramic balls is small, and the bearing balls won’t expand in high temperature environment. In this way, the use temperature of the entire bearing gets improve greatly.

2. High speed: ceramic balls have no oil self-lubricating property. Friction coefficient of ceramic balls is small, so ceramic ball bearings have very high speed.

3. Long life: ceramic balls need not to increase any grease. That is even if the grease dries, bearings can still operate so as to avoid the ordinary bearing damage prematurely.

4. Insulation: ceramic ball bearings can be insulated between the inner and outer ring, because the ceramic ball is the insulator. Thus, ceramic ball bearings can be used in conductive environment.